2018-2019 Wellesley Club Officers and Directors


Front Row L to R: Ilissa Povich, KC Kato, Barbara McMahon, Salvatore Defazio III, Dale Edmunds. Back Row: Ann Rappaport, James F. Klocke, Peter Cory, Vincent Spoto.

President:  James F. Klocke                    Vice President:  Ann W. Rappaport

Secretary:  Peter F. Cory

Treasurer:  KC Cato (to be confirmed at the October 1, 2018 dinner meeting)

Directors:  Dale Edmunds, Barbara McMahon, Ilissa Povich, Vincent Spoto

Curator:  Salvatore DeFazio III

2017-2018 Wellesley Club Officers and Directors

WCPortrait2017smFront Row L to R; Sara Jane Shanahan, Barbara McMahon, Katheleen F. Nagle, Suzanne G. Littlefield. Back Row; James F. Klocke, Salvatore Defazio III, Ann Rappaport, Paul W. Criswell.


Wellesley Club Past Presidents – 125th Anniversary Celebration on October 6th, 2014

Past President of the Wellesley Club

Front Row, L to R; Tony Parker, Roger Perry, Joe Grignaffini, John McConchie, Rusty Kellogg. Second Row; Joe Avellone, Sandy Avellone, Pat Palmer, Barbara Shanahan, David Walsh. Third Row; Kathy Macdonald, Owen Dugan, Gig Babson, Jim Stokes. Back Row; Chris Milton, Al Robinson, Sid Farnsworth, Chris Gorgone, Tom Fontaine, Barry Monahan, David Himmelberger.

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