Membership in the Wellesley Club is limited to 300 members and a Wait List of 100. Members may invite guests to the meetings.

For a copy of the Club’s Constitution and By-Laws, click here.

The process for membership in the Wellesley Club is by nomination from an existing Wellesley Club member. To be nominated for membership, a candidate must fill out the attached Proposal for Membership form, have it signed by your member sponsor and two directors. When completed, the form must be returned to the Club Secretary.  At the next appropriate Board of Directors meeting, the nomination will be voted upon by the Board of Directors for acceptance to the Wait List and then formally presented to the club membership in the next meeting invitation.

Watch a video introduction to the Club below.

Dues: Annual dues are paid prior to the first meeting in the Fall.

The 2023-2024 Annual Dues are as follows:

  • Members – $195.00, which includes three dinner meetings
  • Wait List – $195.00, which includes three dinner meetings
  • Non-resident members – $25 dues, plus $75 for any dinner meetings attended
  • Guests of members – $75 paid at time of reservation

For more information, email: